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Lowcountry Getaway

Lowcountry Getaway

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Christmas in the Islands…Nate Andrews whisked the entire Talbot clan
off for a holiday adventure in the U.S. Virgin Islands. As they relax on
the beach of sunny St. John, Liz Talbot grapples with the secret her
husband has kept since the day she met him—he’s a very wealthy man. Will
all that money change everything?

Meanwhile, the wild donkeys on the island follow Daddy around like
he’s their leader, and Mamma has made new friends. Beverly Baker and
Frankie Summey are conducting a do-it-yourself investigation. They’re
hot on the trail of Beverly’s husband, Melvin, and his mistress, the
tantrum yoga instructor. When Mamma is caught masterminding an
undercover operation, naturally, Liz and Nate step in.As the family
gathers around the Christmas tree, Beverly and Frankie stumble into the
crosshairs of a dangerous criminal organization. Liz and Nate scramble
to find a killer before three sweet Southern belles wind up in a
tropical prison.

Praise for Lowcountry Getaway

If you’re a fan of the Lowcountry series, this is a must read. – Amazon reviewer

Full of family shenanigans and laughter, this is a mystery you don’t want to miss! – Amazon reviewer

You can almost smell the fresh air and feel the balmy breeze. – Goodreads reviewer

…holiday feel is intertwined with heart racing suspense to make this novel a wonderful read… – Goodreads reviewer

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