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Stella Maris Books, LLC.

Postcards from Stella Maris

Postcards from Stella Maris

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From Stella Maris is a collection of five short stories for fans of the
series who might be interested, for example, in Colleen’s backstory. I
wrote the short story “Common Knowledge” for myself years ago, as a way
to explore what happened to Colleen. As you might imagine, it’s not as
light as the series in general. This story has never been published
anywhere before.

is the story of how Liz first met Rhett, her golden retriever, back
when she was married to Scott the Scoundrel. This story is also not
lighthearted, and it likewise has never been published before.

originally appeared in Spinetingler Magazine. This is a fun little case
which introduces the character of Zeke Lyerly, who appears in Lowcountry

and Hot Lead” originally appeared in The Petigru Review. This is a
Stella Maris slice of life story featuring Shannelle Johnson, a local
judge’s wife, and it takes place entirely at Phoebe’s Day Spa.

“Everything is Relative” is a peek inside a Talbot family Thanksgiving. A few of Mamma’s recipes are included at the end.

If by
chance you’ve stumbled on this collection of stories, but you’ve never
read a Liz Talbot mystery, I would encourage you to start with
Lowcountry Boil (A Liz Talbot Mystery, Book 1) and come back to these
stories later.

I so hope
you enjoy these glimpses into Liz Talbot’s formative years, her
unfortunate first marriage, and her life between major cases.

Susan M. Boyer

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