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The Sullivan's Island Supper Club: Preorder (Available September 17)

The Sullivan's Island Supper Club: Preorder (Available September 17)

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From the bestselling author of the award-winning novel
Big Trouble on Sullivan's Island comes a captivating new tale of friendship, family, and community, and the fissures that threaten to shatter even our closest bonds. 

Welcome to Sullivan's Island, an idyllic beachside town just outside Charleston, South Carolina. This serene, unspoiled sanctuary offers tourists a picturesque taste of the lush Lowcountry while the locals enjoy a laid-back, small-town lifestyle. Amidst an eclectic mix of newcomers and natives, lifelong resident and social maven Tallulah Wentworth's legendary monthly dinners have united an unlikely group of women into the very best of friends. 

To outsiders, this sunny, seaside haven is nothing short of paradise, but the residents of this beachside hamlet know that it harbors its share of troubles. Everyone has an opinion about the most hotly contested local issue - how to manage the maritime forest that's sprung up on accreted land - and civility is quickly running out at both town council meetings and in online forums. 

When a neighborhood meet-and-greet devolves into violence, several pillars of the community are led away in handcuffs. By the next morning, a very real, very dead body is the newest addition to Sarabeth Boone's spooky Halloween graveyard display. But who could possibly be responsible for such a heinous act? 

As the investigation unfolds, the police are quickly met with more questions than answers. Did someone finally snap over the mounting tension between conservationists and cutters? Or was this a premeditated act perpetrated by an opportunistic killer masquerading as a trustworthy friend and neighbor?

Sullivan’s Island Supper Club weaves a tale of mystery, friendship and love - new love, old love, and second-chance love. Discover the lengths these women will go to protect each other and uncover the truth, even if it destroys the delicate balance of their seemingly perfect lives. 

With her uniquely Southern voice, Susan M. Boyer delivers a fast-paced follow-up to the reader-favorite Big Trouble on Sullivan's Island. Perfect for fans of strong Southern women, twisting tales, and the breathtaking Carolina coast, this charming whodunnit mystery marries scandal and sisterhood for the ultimate reading treat.

Be sure to make your reservation at the Sullivan's Island Supper Club today!

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